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our restlessness, our impassioned spirits, and a love for the open road.

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I'm Shannon.
I've got big dreams,
But little time.
...so it goes.

The truth is, I'm pretty normal by human standards.
I'm selfish, I'm callous, I'm greedy and cruel.
I curse in churches and have bad breath in the morning.
I get annoyed at silly people, but I'm probably just jealous.
I read a lot, but I still don't know much of anything.
The truth is: right now I'm nothing special;
But one day I will be.

I am the way I am because I am independent. And independent waters down to alone.

Not one person will ever know me entirely.
When I am with one of you, or all of you, I am still alone:
in my thoughts,
in my emotions,
in my reality.